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With many thanks from the Cannasaur team!

18 sample Cannasaurs from a set of over 5 million possible permutations.
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Team Lead Community Manager Developer Artist
Question: How many Cannasaurs are available?

Answer: 4,420 in total, including 20 that will be delivered by airdrop once purchase thresholds are met.

Question: What is a Cannasaur?

Answer: A hand drawn cannabis-friendly dinosaur with randomly generated assets.

Question: How much does a Cannasaur cost to mint?

Answer: 0.05 Ethereum

Question: When did the Cannasaurs launch?

Answer : Cannasaurs launched on December 5th, 2021 at 4:20pm Pacific time.

Question: Where can I purchase a Cannasaur?

Answer : Scroll up! Once these sell out you'll be able to purchase them on the secondary market

Question: How do I purchase a Cannasaur?

Answer: You will need a digital cryptocurrency wallet called MetaMask with some Ethereum loaded on it. You can find more on how to use MetaMask at
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